"She started to eat so much!"

Our 6 year old has never been a huge eater. It was actually a concern of ours but we never pressured her to eat more. When we were in Bali with Azizi this fall, she absolutely loved making snacks with the other kids during Mini-curators and she started to eat so much! We even brought all these snack ideas back to the States and continue at home. If you ask her what her favorite part of our time in Bali is, she always says, “making our snacks!”
– Stacey

She is really connecting with the veggies on her plate now!

"My daughters loved exploring food with Azizi and her girls - this special experience of slowing down and really meeting their food. It was a delightful, sensory experience. My eight year old left with a love of artfully plating the food she eats, thinking through all the elements she incorporates. Thank you for reintroducing food in this connected and thoughtful way."
– Sabrina

"This is a really special bonding experience for us"

"l love it! It's like we are playing a “team sport".  I am SUPER impressed on so many levels and can't wait to really do the whole course.  Trekker is also super excited and wants an apron. I can see this on major food networks, easily.”
– Eve
No amount of lecturing, bribing, or shaming will ever change your child’s preference.  It might actually make it worse. 
They have to look forward to eating healthy in the way they now enjoy processed and less healthy foods. 
Only a shift in your child’s perception will enable them to truly embrace the healthy benefits of whole plant-based foods, naturally.
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