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Tiny Green Chef Complete Program

Your child will never complain about eating healthy foods again!

What you'll get:

  • You get 20 Easy to Follow Cooking Lessons. Step-by-step, cumulative, easy-to-follow, and all plant-based to build knowledge and skills while enjoying healthy delicious meals (Value $197)
  • You also get 60+ Crucial Kitchen Skills Demos. Your child becomes an expert on all the essentials they need to cook a life's worth of healthy food one meal at a time (Value $297) 
  • 20 Kitchen Science Experiments. Fun challenges for your child to examine their food for deeper connections and understanding of plant-based foods (Worth $197)
  • Meal Builders Templates: Easy to follow templates to keep the variety of meals flowing in an instant, the combinations are endless. (Worth $197)
  • Fun Food Fact Videos. Thought-provoking facts to fascinate your child about the amazing foods that fuel their health (Worth $87)
  • Dozens of Plant -Based Cooking Hacks. Avoid pitfalls using our fail-proof methods for immediate success in cooking with plant-based foods (value $197)
  • PDF Printable Guides. Keep them engaged in healthy activities "on" and "off" screen (Worth $97)
  • 20 Bonus Recipes. Keep cooking and perfecting all the tips, and techniques with these hand-picked recipes (Value $47)
  • 20 Bonus Kitchen Science Experiments. More fun ways to "play" with ingredients to connect more deeply with how foods work in our bodies and on our plates (worth $47)
  • Online Supportive Accountability. Group Share wins, challenges, and experiences with other families on this powerful journey together (priceless)

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If you're not 100% satisfied, I don't want your money! After all, my goal is to help you and your kids learn. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

What People Are Saying:

Just have to share this awesome product! We subscribed to Tiny Green Chef - Plant Based Cooking for Kids. It is a cooking class series for kids. Teaches them about food science, using kitchen tools, making recipes, etc. It is virtual, and I'm the first person to say I am DONE with virtual stuff, but this is different because it is so hands on. The instructor and her kids are amazing, kids can do it independently, and the lessons are so age appropriate and interesting. The kids loved their first lesson today! They learned how to safely cut with knives, zesting, juicing, how to keep apples from browning, etc. I feel like it's the coolest thing ever!


It was a super fun to learn how to make tasty and healthy snacks with my friends. If I had to rate it from the scale 0-100 I would give it 300.

Julia (10 years old)

I loved Azizi’s ideas to inspire creativity in the kids and spark enthusiasm for cooking. The boys liked learning how to safely use a knife and I liked learning different ways to incorporate nutritious food in an easy, fun and imaginative way.


We watched all of the mini course. I am SUPER impressed on so many levels and can't wait to really do the course (after we go to the grocery store.) Trekker is also super excited and wants an apron. I can see this on major food networks, easily, if you wanted to go that route.. How can we get the aprons? Signing up now!