Give Your Kids A Lifelong Gift….


Have Fun Teaching Your Kids to Cook Delicious and Nutritious Plant-based Meals, On Their Own and With You, So They Can Develop a Positive Relationship with Food and Stop Eating JUNK!


Eating Healthy Will Become Your Kids Idea Not Yours

Bond With Your Children By Preparing Meals Together

Develop Your Children Into Self Sufficient And Confident People

Ensure Your Kids Create Habits That Serve Them In The Future

Every Parent Wants Their Child to Eat and Enjoy Healthy Food So They Can Grow to Live Happy and Healthy Lives

But There's a Problem...

It Doesn't Have to Be So Hard Getting You Kids to Eat Their Fruits and Veggies

The Tiny Green Chef Program is a series of cooking lessons, demos, food experiments and other interactive activities that teach your child how to cook their own whole plant-based meals. Join in with them and enjoy bonding over mealtime!  Or, step aside and witness them master they way around your home kitchen.

After The Tiny Green Chef Program your kids will love eating fruits, vegetables, grains and nuts, and they'll be equipped to make lifelong healthy decisions without conflict, coercion or complaint.



Unfortunately, bribing our kids, threatening them with punishment, or tricking them by “disguising” their food is ONLY a short term fix

And it doesn’t work, not in the long run because...

The more you threaten your child to eat healthy, the more they retaliate

It only makes them resent healthy eating by giving them the impression that it’s another “chore” they have to do

No amount of bribing is going to make them appreciate why they should eat healthy

Unfortunately, when we bribe our kids to eat healthy they do it because we're making them, not because they understand the benefit and value of doing it

If you have to “disguise” food, how will they ever embrace eating healthy on their own? They won’t be fooled twice!

When we sneak healthy food into their meals we're not helping them develop habits that will keep them healthy as they grow and mature into teenagers and adults

What you probably don’t know is that there IS a way to make your children fall in LOVE with healthy cooking and eating

--With a few simple steps, you can fundamentally change your kid’s choices and behavior patterns, so they actually WANT to eat healthy. - ON THEIR OWN!

I know, because I struggled with getting my kids to eat healthy too but after using what I already knew, and researching what I didn't, I found a way to change that!

Back in 2015, I had been a health coach and personal chef for more than 10 years but I struggled getting my own kids to eat healthy


Clients loved my dishes ❤️🍉🥒🥬

My consultations brought amazing results and my business thrived 

-- I was a good health coach and personal chef!

But things were very different at home. With my own kids, I wasn’t exactly a raving success.  

I used bribes - no deal!
I used threats - no peace!
I used disguises - no wonder they didn’t trust me or my food!

Imagine me - a successful personal chef and health consultant struggling to get my own kids to eat healthy. Not my proudest moment. But I just wasn’t about to throw in the tea towel. Just like I’m sure you aren’t either. 

That’s when I discovered what I was doing wrong.

Preparing My Kids To Make Responsible Choices About Food Became My Priority

In late 2015, I came across a book by a famous child psychotherapist by the name of Philippa Perry.

She introduced me to the concept of the “complete collaborative method” - A new way of thinking about creating the right behaviors in children.

That’s when I realized I had been wrong this whole time.

I had been too busy trying to force my will on my children.

Dr. Perry says - “by imposing your insistence on your child, you could be inadvertently teaching them they must be always right, inflexible and intolerant”. 

-- So basically, when you force them, yell at them, scold them, you’re creating the opposite of the “good behavior” you want in your children.

That’s when it *clicked*

“Kids will fight any attempt to force your will on them.”  

And that’s when I decided I had to try something different --- The Tiny Green Chef Program was born

The Tiny Green Chef Program Makes It Easy For Kids To Fall In Love With Healthy Food All On Their Own

Kids will develop self sufficiency, confidence and an appreciation for healthy eating without needing to be forced or bribed into it


Give them a sense of accomplishment: Sometimes, just the thrill of having made something on their own, is enough to spur your child to eat their greens. Learning to cook their own healthy meals in a safe and easy to understand way develops self confidence! 


Collaborate with your kids: A big reason why kids reject healthy foods, is that they don’t understand the effort and care that goes into making it. By involving your kids, they begin to understand the true value of the food on the table. That it shouldn’t be taken for granted. And food shouldn’t be wasted.


Allow them to be creative: The more you let your child be free to participate in the process as they want to, the more they appreciate the fruits of their labour. Give them the creative freedom to put their own touch on some of their favorite foods.


"She started to eat so much!"

Our 6 year old has never been a huge eater. It was actually a concern of ours but we never pressured her to eat more. When we were in Bali with Azizi this fall, she absolutely loved making snacks with the other kids during Mini-curators and she started to eat so much! We even brought all these snack ideas back to the States and continue at home. If you ask her what her favorite part of our time in Bali is, she always says, “making our snacks!”

– Stacey

"This is a really special bonding experience for us"

"l love it! It's like we are playing a “team sport".  I am SUPER impressed on so many levels and can't wait to really do the whole course.  Trekker is also super excited and wants an apron. I can see this on major food networks, easily.”

– Eve


As parents our number one concern is maintaining a safe environement for our children. That's why BEFORE ANY COOKING CAN START Tiny Green Chef demonstrates proper safety skills.

In the first Module, we cover all the rules for staying safe in the kitchen before we ever start cooking. 

What's So Special About This Program?

In The Tiny Green Chef Program, your child will transform their mindset on food. They'll learn to associate fun with healthy food by experimenting with recipes, getting creative and feeling a sense of empowerment and confidence.


Let’s face it. The things we teach our kids about cooking and food will affect their health for their entire life. It will even effect the way our kids teach their own children one day!

We all want our children to grow up to be healthy, sharp, vibrant and happy teens and adults - Every parent does.

NOW is the time to help them FALL IN LOVE with wholesome, natural, nutritious foods they can eat together with the family.

This program highlights whole plant-based foods so your child sees them as the “Star of the Dinner Table.”

This program is all plant-based and whole foods!

They are easier to cook with because you can eat fruits and veggies raw. Undercooked plant-based food might not be the tastiest when it comes to say rice or beans, but they won't harm you or give you food poisoning. 

We'll make delicious meals with whole foods from start to finish, without disguise

Kids can use their hands to prepare the foods and eat and taste along as they cook. Let's not forget about the HUGE variety of fruits, veggies, grains and nuts there are to choose from.

You and your child DO NOT NEED TO BE VEGAN or vegetarian to enjoy this course

After all, everyone needs plant-based foods like fruits, vegetables, nuts, and grains no matter what your diet is. They are necessary for our health!

A Plan For Leaving Unhealthy Eating In The Dust!

It's easy to get started!


Enroll your child in Tiny Green Chef for instant access


Use the link in your welcome email to login to our secure Tiny Green Chef Portal and start learning and cooking right away


Just watch the videos and Tiny Green Chef will walk you and your child through making simple delicious healthy meals while building skills, knowledge and confidence



Sign up now for the FULL Tiny-Green-Chef program today and get access to 4 Comprehensive Modules to guide your child every step of the way

Module 1: Establish Connection

Your child isn’t excited to eat healthy foods because they're missing the links. 

We set your child up right away with: 

  • Critical kitchen and knife safety
  • Foundational cooking skills like how to correctly wash fruits and vegetables, cutting vegetables, and even how to select ripe fruit.
  • An easy 3-step process to instantly connect the dots to create tasty meals with tons of flavor with easy to find ingredients.
  • We kick-off with fun food science experiments to transform your kitchen into an edible classroom, discovering why plant-based foods are beneficial for the body to boost their connection.

Module 2 - Establish Structure

Childhood is too short to waste time in the kitchen          

  • We’ll end chaos and confusion over “what’s for dinner?” and show your child how to solve this well-known kitchen dilemma.  
  • Your child learns to master 5 crucial food templates to independently build satisfying breakfasts, lunches and dinners that make sense.  
  • To overcome the challenges of learning something new a good consistent routine is necessary to strengthen confidence and the ability to keep going with a solid support system.



Module 3 - Establish Creativity

Kids eat with their eyes, but don’t we all?

Healthy meals MUST measure up to the alluring appeal of desserts and fast foods.

  • Your child will ignite creativity and imagination to transform whole plant-based ingredients into crave-worthy healthy delights your whole family will love. 
  • Think nacho-dips, fruit jams and Saturday morning pancakes using all wholesome ingredients. 
  • We’ll naturally win them over without a fight.  Our program is designed with kids' taste buds in mind.  We want to make sure they enjoy every bite and are motivated to continue to cook along with us.  



Module 4 - Establish Lifelong Ability & Appreciation

Improperly cooked or bland food ruins the reputation of plant-foods. 

  • At this stage, your child has learned major cooking skills. We'll put them all together as they now master the art of cooking with heat to maximize flavor and nutrition for truly delectable meals. This is an area many adult cooks fail at so we’ll want to get it right. 
  • Your child is big on texture, sometimes even more than taste.  This is one reason why mushy peas don’t go down well.
  • What’s more, your child will dive into making easy, quick and gourmet wholesome desserts in practically no time with each meal they make in this module. 
  • Think creamy lemon pudding or 3 ingredient brownies, paired with my infamous vegan lasagna. 

All The Tools You Need To Help Your Child Flourish in The Kitchen!

Let’s look at what you actually get with this course

Tiny Green Chef Complete Program

$299.00 USD

Just $299! Money Back Guarantee

I know $299 is a very small price when it comes to giving your kids the vital life-skill of cooking and long lasting effects of healthy eating.


I also know how it goes sometimes.

That little voice on your shoulder is trying to pull you away.

“Will my kids really like this?” ...“Is this too difficult?”...”Is this right for me?”


So, I’ve got something to make this a total “no-brainer”.



If you claim your access today…. And consistently use the teachings in this program to help your children grow, nourish and improve. You will see a marked positive change in your children in the next 2-3 months. 


And here’s GUARANTEE NO. 2:

If for whatever reason you're not 10,000% thrilled with your decision, just tell me within 30 days.

*You have to have gone through at least the open modules and tried it*

And I'll gladly REFUND your entire $299. No questions asked!