At Tiny Green Chef, we're providing a healthy platform for your children to plant seeds that fuel their future of healthy decision making... even beyond their plate.

We do this with a simple and accessible recipe for excellence.

We start with:

1.) Fun, experiential kitchen projects.

2.) Sprinkle in easily digestible information

3.) ...and finish with a good helping of eye-opening details of plant-based foods they can feast off for life.

I'm Azizi, and I want you to know that Tiny Green Chef comes to you with over two decades of professional health and wellness experience and nearly a decade of experience educating my own children at home.

I am dedicated to seeing that my children (and yours) have what it takes to thrive in all aspects of their life. This is combined with my life-long passion for nurturing people with home cooking, and my love for providing families with platforms for personal growth and expansion.

I believe, to positively impact our lives, we must not only be well equipped with knowledge, but able to put it to the test in a safe & nurturing environment. What better place to start, than in the haven of your home kitchen?



The more I invited Kaja and Kamilla, my children, into the kitchen and began to collaborate with them, the more motivated they became to cook, eat healthy, and enjoy the process along the way.

What’s more, we're able to have the time of our lives.  


For me it’s not what I do, but what drives me to do it.

It’s at the heart of everything I do. Whether it’s in the foods I choose to nourish my body, how I care for my children, or why I sold my home to live out in the world traveling full time with my husband and two daughters. I’ve maintained a healthy desire to contribute to the world in a way that feels in complete harmony with our family values.  That is why I created the Tiny Green Chef program.

In the kitchen we can create relationships and experiences with our children that are rooted in trust and authenticity.  Food unites us and can break down barriers on the path to our children’s success and happiness. 

Tiny Green Chef uses kid-friendly kitchen science experiments, fun cooking projects and essential kitchen skills building, to encourage children to make one healthy decision at a time - This is the way we will create a positively rippling effect on the human experience.

Join me in the quest to teach our children the importance of creating a solid foundation for a healthy start and prosperous future in life!

The future of our children's health starts right now on their plate in your home



In Kaja’s words - 10 years old

My Proudest Dish I Make: Asian Zoodle Soup

My Favorite Fruit: Rambutan

My Favorite Vegetable: Raw Carrots

My Favorite Kitchen Skill: Cutting

 “When I’m cooking I really look forward to eating it”

In Kamilla’s words - 8 years old

My Proudest Dish I Make:  Veggie Sushi

My Favorite Fruit: Mango

My Favorite Vegetable: Lettuce

My Favorite Kitchen Skill: Cutting

“Cooking is fun, it’s like you’re a scientist!”